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Shamanic Principles

Shamanic Principles

Below is a quote from my first book, "Wealth Shaman"

"Shamanic Principles

1) Everything in the Universe wants to behave according to its original spirit.

2) When something acts contrary to its original spirit, this creates imbalance.

3) Imbalance is the cause of all illness and pain.

4) When anything is in a state of imbalance, the spirit of that

person, thing or entity has become lost. This causes dis-ease

or illness.

5) By re-directing energy to act in accordance with its original

purpose, its spirit is “retrieved,” balance is restored and the illness is cured."

Acting from our "original spirit" is not only the cure for disease, but for every other ailment in our lives, financial, personal, romantic, everything.

I get calls from people every day asking about all different aspects of their lives. And, in every instance, the solution is to help people identify their original spirit and take action towards it.

Wealth Shaman is more than just about the shamanic understanding of money. It is a recipe for a fulfilling life.

To read "Wealth Shaman" Click HERE

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