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Regaining Our Shamanic Power

Regaining Our Power To Manifest...

Today, I want to examine how to regain our Power to create our lives and keep physically healthy. In previous posts we have discussed the roles of the Three Selves (Navel, Third Eye and Heart) in the human being. We discussed the need to keep all Three Selves connected and communicating with each other.

What is most important to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health is to first reconnect our Lower Self (Navel) with our Upper Self (Higher Consciousness). The Lower Self, besides being the seat of the sub-conscious and unconscious minds is also the power house of the human responsible for manifesting health and prosperity.

The Lower Self is fueled by Life Force Energy which is channeled from the Upper Self. This is a very deep discussion which is covered in my books. But, for today, I just want to share a very powerful and effective technique for connecting the Upper and Lower Selves and channeling Life Force Energy to the Lower Self.

This an Energy Meditation Called the "HUUL Breath." It is one the most important practices in the form of shamanism I teach. It was channeled to me in meditation some years ago. At that time, I was told by my spirit guides that this was the most important practice for mastering the physical plane.

The HUUL Breath (pronounced like "Who'll") is an ancient prehistoric chant to the Earth Mother. It empowers, balances and nourishes all things. By practicing this meditation, one gains health, serenity and power. I share it with you here again in video form. The HUUL breath is a complete practice in itself.

This is a fundamental practice in most of my qigong DVDs including "Medicine Wheel Qigong".

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