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Over the past 25 years, I have accumulated a fairly large body of knowledge. Much of this knowledge can easily be shared with anyone. But, some of the higher levels of knowledge contain techniques, meditations, rituals and exercises that are often times too powerful for the average person. These higher level teachings are reserved for those who have been called to become master shamans. The knowledge I will teach my advanced students cannot be learned in a few weekend seminars. To master this knowledge will take years of dedicated study. To become a master Thunder Shaman one must be able to master a multitude of separate spiritual disciplines. Some people spend a lifetime just to master one of these areas of study. In order to pass on my entire body of knowledge, I will have to teach my advanced students multiple disciplines at the same time. Here is a brief list of some of the discipines I will share with a master Thunder Shaman initiate:


Celestial Qigong (very high level energy work which connects one directly to the Ascended Masters)


Advanced Shamanic Hand Seals (These simple, yet powerful hand seals (mudras) stimulate, release and attract very powerful energies that can change a persons nervous system, body and spirit to attract and channel powerful spiritual energies)


Advanced Meditation and Shamanic Journeying (Higher level meditations, hand seals, rituals and shamanic journeying that requires a highly refined Energy Body that can only be obtained after mastering the level 1 apprenticeship studies)


Advanced Energy Cleansing (After learning how to safely handle and absorb the higher vibrational energies from above practices, the initiate is now able to perform advanced energy cleansing techniques to banish persistent negative energies)


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