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Vedic Astrological Consulting and Empowerment


At the precise moment of your birth, you were "tuned" to certain, very specific planetary frequencies that vibrate at your cellular level. As a skilled Vedic Astrologer who has focused on a very particular niche, I can pinpoint the exact sounds which will determine the most powerful spiritual name for you. I can also determine the most powerful mantra for you based on multiple factors including: Planetary influences, which deities are actively SEEKING to help you, The precise number of syllables in YOUR personal mantra and which specific power syllables that should precede your mantra.


In order to activate the one mantra that is tuned specifically to you, a skilled astrologer must know a combination of details:

Which deity you need to work with,

Which planet you need to attract,

The crucial first power syllable that is specifically tuned to your birth frequency,

The number of syllables that will activate your birth name or your spiritual name

Which houses in your chart need to be strengthened

Which type of ritual should accompany the mantra

Which direction you should face when chanting the mantra

Which colors you should wear

And more...

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 “My Vedic Chart reading with Michael was incredible! It was totally different than I expected. Most astrological readings tell you a bunch of general things about your personality. But this reading was filled with practical things that I can use to improve my life. He showed me the meaning of some very challenging periods of my life and how they are helping me today. I’ve never had a reading like this before. Michael is very unique in his approach because of his shamanic background. He is able to look at your life holographically. He has a powerful presence that infuses you when he talks. It was mind-blowing!

- Lisa G 

Manhattan Beach, CA

When all of these details are properly addressed, the mantra will almost always have immediate success. When you chant your personalized mantra for the first time, in the proper manner, I can virtually guarantee that you will FEEL the power flow through you. When you click buy now, I will email you some questions including date, time and location of birth, your contact phone number and what area of life you are seeking to empower. We will make a 1 hour appointment to speak by phone. During our phone appointment, I will share with you: The Three most important planets in your chart, Specific Mantras and rituals that will activate 1) Your financial prosperity, 2) Your personal destiny and 3) Your spiritual liberation...

I spent years searching around for practical ways to empower my life. I read hundreds of books, chanted hundreds of mantras recited hundreds of personal affirmations. Some helped, some didn't, some made things worse. It wasn't until I spent thousands of hours researching ancient texts on astrology, ritual and mantra that I discovered the specific methods of learning my precise exact mantra and ritual details. Once I discovered these ancient methods and applied them, my life, my health and my career began to radically change for the better. I offer this experience to you...

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