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Level One Apprenticeship in Thunder Shamanism allows the student absorb the power of the Thunder Wheel and learn the basics of Thunder Shamanism in a fun, no-pressure environment. For more info click HERE

Thunder Shamanism Apprenticeship


Apprentice Testimonials:


"I spent years with my head buried in hundreds of books while investigating every truther conspiracy (theory) to hit the internet. Informative, exhausting and nearly fruitless. Though I made small strides in putting the pieces of life’s mysteries together, it was an unsatisfying output for such extensive input. Then I came across the work of William Michael Denney… and I knew I was on to something good. I learned more of the techniques and the more I practiced the more I was able to call forth and experience the awesome power of the Gods’/Life Force Energy. Probably in the same way our Animist Indo European Ancestors must have experienced it when they practiced polytheism for thousands and thousands of years…Through my personal travels without a Spiritual Teacher, I can tell you that having a true Spiritual Master to reference can and will advance your spiritual training exponentially. Michael William Denney has chosen to share his life’s work with us through his websites, services, books, video’s and dvd’s giving all who seek immediate access to the tools he has gathered in order to achieve our highest potential….As for me, I continue to have more and more powerful life changing experiences, a personal testimony to just how effective Mr. Denney’s teachings and techniques truly are...side note, When practicing, Always respect the power you are calling forth, it is very real with very real effects... I have been in the apprenticeship program working personally with Mr. Denney every week for almost 2 years now and I can't even begin to tell you how much I have grown spiritually, intellectually and most of all energetically... Being an apprentice to a true master is beyond words. Thank you Meister Denney!"


Lynn A - Wyoming, MN



"Michael's AMAZING intuitive talent changed my life. As an apprentice, I am able to work with Michael on a weekly basis. Working with him regularly has accellerated my growth as a shaman exponentially. For anyone looking to make real progress on their spiritual path, I highly recommend the apprenticeship package. I am incredibly grateful to have had this experience with him and I highly recommend anyone at any age to consult with him to find out how he can help you."


Lisa J - Pheonix, AZ


It is the karmic responsibility of every Master Shaman to transmit his/her entire body of knowledge to at least one person before leaving this earthly plane. 


The gray hairs on my beard tell me that my time on this beautiful plane of Middle Earth is limited. While it is true that I may be lucky enough live another 40 years or so, there is no guarantee. The deepest desire of every Master Shaman is to leave this life knowing that he/she has transmitted their knowledge in its entirety for future generations.


I am now ready to pass on my teaching mantle to the next generation. Traditionally, a Master might accept only one or two apprentices in his/her lifetime. I feel in my spirit that there are a small handful of chosen Thunder Shamans to whom I owe a Karmic debt. It is to these special few whom I will transmit the full extent of this knowledge. 


Because of the nature of modern society, it is not practical to have a full-time, live-in apprentice for 20 or more years as was done in times past. People in our time must absorb knowledge at a much faster, concentrated time frame. To accomodate this reality, I have created two paths for Thunder Shamanism Apprenticeship:



1) Introductory Level 1 Apprenticeship which consists of weekly one-hour personalized training in Thunder Shamanism. This is a great opportunity for those interested in investigating no-pressure, fun, personalized instruction in Thunder Shamanism to see if this is the right path for them. It also gives me an opportunity to assess the potential of the student for possible acceptance into the Advanced Nine-Fold Apprenticeship Training Program. For more information or to sign up, click HERE



2) Advanced Apprenticeship Training. This is in-depth, personalized apprenticeship for those students serious about learning and mastering my entire body of knowledge. Only those fully committed to becoming a master Thunder Shaman will be considered for this intense and powerful training. For more info, click HERE 

Advanced Apprenticeship Training is designed for the student who is committed to becoming a Master Thunder Shaman. This path is for those who hear the call of the ancestors to become a conduit for cleansing, healing and transformation. Who are called to become beacons of Spirit Power to usher the Human Race into the next level of Evolution. For more info, click HERE

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