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Thunder Shamanism Founder

Michael William Denney is a Practicing Shaman, Intuitive Relationship Consultant, Author, Teacher, Vedic Astrologer and Qigong Instructor. He has written 13 books with more on the way, and he has also produced 35 instructional DVD's in Qigong, Shamanism, Meditation, Yoga and Mantra.  He has also composed, performed and recorded three music CD's including: Healing Drums of Power, Healing Mantras and Healing Flutes.


Michael currently lives in Palos Verdes Estates in Southern California where he surfs, writes, and has a thriving practice as an intuitive relationship consultant. Mr Denney also personally teaches and coaches clients from all walks of life in ancient principles of shamanic healing and spiritual awareness.


Michael has had tremendous success helping people heal themselves from all kinds of challenges including many so called "incurable" diseases such as cancer.


Mr. Denney is available for group and private seminars in healthy relationships, and shamanic healing awareness. He is also available for Vedic Astrological Readings geared toward Life Path Optimization.


More About Me...

I have been studying, practicing and researching indigenous spiritual disciplines for over 25 years. As a child, I had repeated visionary and shamanic initiation experiences. These experiences were challenging for a young American kid growing up in a protestant Christian environment where such abilities and experiences were not readily accepted. After a turbulent adolescence, I had a powerful spiritual experience calling me to a life of service. At that time, I turned to the only spiritual path I knew which was protestant Christianity. I entered a protestant bible college with the intention of becoming an evangelist. But, never being one to take anything at face value, I diligently scrutinized Christian scripture, practice and dogma. After an extremely challenging and lengthy internal battle wrestling with the inherent inconsistencies within that religion, I chose to abandon Christianity altogether.


This launched me into a period of darkness, doubt and searching. After a few years of deprogramming myself from the cult-like beliefs of dualist monotheism, I, unwittingly found myself thrust into various, traditional, indigenous, animist spiritual disciplines. A few of those disciplines include: Taoist Mysticism, West African Polytheism, Vedic (East Indian) Mysticism and most recently, the Pre-Christian European Polytheism of my ancestors. What I have found through personal experience is that there is a powerful and fundamental difference between modern religions and indigenous paths that retain an unbroken connection into prehistory. 


I have underlined the above phrase for a very important reason. Up until very recently in the 100,000+ years of human history, all religions from all parts of the globe, including Europe, were originally animist (shamanic) in nature. They focused on practical solutions to human problems. The underlying assumption of these original, animist spiritual paths is that the Cosmos is assumed to be a diverse, nurturing, loving environment and that humans are a venerated and necessary integrated part of a holographic web of Life Force Energy. Life in all of its various forms are seen as expressions of the Cosmos' desire to learn and grow through experience. The challenges of incarnated life are merely experiential lessons we choose to learn in order to add to the evolution of all Life Force Energy in existence. This view is in sharp contrast to modern, monotheist religions that assume a schism between the physical and spiritual worlds where humans are presumed to be "sinful" and must appease a "jealous" god who is predisposed to judgement and punishment of humans who are supposedly created in "His image."


I have been authorized to teach others in various indigenous animist disciplines such as Taoist Internal Martial Arts, Qigong and Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and West African Shamanic Drumming. I have researched and studied other indigenous paths whose knowledge I have incorporated into my own teachings.


In my search to expand awareness of our original shamanic understandings, I have innovated (or if you choose to believe it, transmitted) my own forms of Qigong, Meditation, Energy Work and Animist Ritual in my quest to give to others what I yearned for as a young man lost in dualist Western society.


Thunder Shamanism is the culmination of all my previous study and experience. It is a modern expression of traditional, animist spiritual sciences presented without the trappings of ethnicity and culture while retaining the underlying universally applicable principles from which they all originally grew.


Thunder Shamanism is designed to give any modern person the necessary tools to re-awaken their ancestral shamanic connection to a living, breathing, diverse cosmos and allow their inherent, god-like status to shine in this amazing cosmos in which we live.


If you would like to experience the power of Thunder, consider becoming an Apprentice


Need more power in your life, review the list of Shamanic Services

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