Creating Your Perfect Life

The Secret to a Perfect Life...

I'm sure you are familiar with "The Secret" which states that whatever you focus your attention on is what you manifest in your life.

From the shamanic perspective, this is absolutely true. However, many people, including myself, have tried to manifest all kinds of things by focusing on them and they still did not manifest.

The reason why people have difficulty manifesting certain things is because the secret only works 100% of the time if you know what you REALLY want.

Many people think they want a million dollars or a new car or huge house or a fitness model spouse. But, in reality those things are not what they REALLY want.

When we focus our attention on things we only THINK we want, we give the Universe mixed signals and we get mixed results.

The Secret to the Secret is in knowing what your deepest passion is that you were born with and then taking direct action to follow your deepest passions. THEN and only then can you manifest EVERYTHING you focus on.

If we take action to follow our inborn Life Purpose that our Soul intended for us before we were born, the Universe MUST bow down and serve our every desire. Because your inborn Life Purpose is what both your Soul and the Universe have decided is what is best for all Life in the Cosmos.

We sometimes unknowingly deviate from our inborn Life Purpose because we have chosen to believe well meaning parents, teachers, ministers, friends and society that give us false direction toward our purpose. Only YOU and your Soul know what you are born to do in this life.

I have helped thousands of people remember their deepest desires and their TRUE life purpose. If you are confused, I can help you too.

I am in the process of writing a book on how to determine what your inborn Life Purpose is and what your REAL desires are, but in the meantime, another powerful tool to determine your personalized Life Path and Deepest inborn desires is to consult your Vedic Astrological chart.

For now, keep your eyes peeled for this new book on creating your perfect life and feel free to contact me for your personalized Vedic Astrological Reading. I can help you find your Life Path Destiny and help you to learn how to manifest all of your deepest desires and have your personalized perfect life.

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