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The Role of Positive Thinking in Healing

The Role of Positive Thinking in Healing...

Anyone who is involved in healing themselves from a health challenge has probably been told that they should keep their thinking "positive." There is no shortage of scientific evidence that supports the idea that positive thinking has tremendous physical benefits for allowing the body and the immune system to heal.

In my experience working with clients, I too have seen the amazing power of focusing the mind on positive thoughts. I many cases, just focusing one's thoughts toward the things in life that bring happiness and hope is all that is needed to allow the immune system to eradicate a physical imbalance.

For persistent health challenges, one may have to dig deeper to facilitate a complete healing. In my experience, chronic diseases are often a result of a deep, unconscious personal conflict that has manifested in the physical tissues. In order for positive thinking to really do its job, the emotional conflict has to be brought to conscious awareness and faced. Once the conflict has been identified and work has begun to unravel the conflict, this frees up the immune system to begin repairing the tissues.

The shamanic process uses multiple techniques to free up the power of the lower self (unconscious mind) to heal a person.

If you or anyone you know is facing a persistent health challenge that may benefit from the shamanic approach, click HERE

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