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Self Directed Anger and Disease

The Anger/Shame Connection to disease

The Shame-Denial process from early childhood

As an infant grows, he/she must bond with parents in order to survive. To the degree that the toddler experiences the parents as unloving/neglectful/abusive, the toddler creates a fantasy bond where he/she invents perfect loving parents.

Since blaming the parents is intolerable to the toddler's mind, the toddler internalizes the anger toward the parents at themselves. They begin to blame themselves for being bad, unlovable, wrong, stupid, etc., Since his/her parents are perfect in their fantasy, the only person left to blame is themselves.

This is the beginning of a potentially lifelong cycle of self-directed shame. The blame/shame response becomes deeply suppressed in the Lower Self (Unconscious Mind) and becomes an unconscious reflex whenever anyone we view as someone we need to depend upon fails us or doesn't meet our expectations.

It is a necessary survival instinct for toddlers create the fantasy bond to their parents. But the lesson for adults is to outgrow the fantasy attachment to our parents, siblings, teachers, schools, churches, etc., and learn to depend solely upon our internal connection to our True Self which is directly connected to the Source of all Life in the Universe.

The purpose of human life is to learn that we need only depend on the Universe for all our needs.

All anger is self-directed.

No matter how angry you may think you feel toward someone else, it contains, at its root a feeling of self directed shame. You feel as though you deserve it. You’re mad at yourself for being a bad person and bringing this punishment on yourself.

This cycle of internalized anger/shame towards ourselves, over long periods of time becomes lodged in the bodily tissues and manifests as physical disease.

In my experience, when clients are able to become conscious of their intolerable anger towards people whom they depended on who disappointed them and simultaneously become aware that their anger was always, at its core toward themselves, they begin to heal...

I have also found that the anger/shame/denial process is intertwined with the individual denying themselves their deepest desires.

So many people are trying to be the "good" son or daughter and mistakenly believe on an unconscious level that denying themselves their deepest passion will make them a "good" or "responsible" person.

Their true desires are seen as childish or silly and other tasks or life paths that are not really very fulfilling to them become the "responsible" or "correct" thing to do. And they spend their lives trying to be "successful" at jobs or life paths that they secretly hate.

When the shame/anger cycle is intertwined with denying oneself their deepest passion in an unconscious attempt to gain approval, it results in an unsolvable internal conflict which is very damaging to all aspects of the individual.

Chronic disease is a sign that the individual is in deep conflict with themselves, usually on the unconscious level.

The path of shamanism provides a way to resolve this conflict and allow the natural flow of healing Life Flow Energy back into the bodily tissues.

When we are in alignment with our True Self, our body naturally heals....

If you know anyone who needs help healing, feel free to contact me. Click HERE

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