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Healing Cancer

You can heal yourself of cancer...

In healing, the job of the shaman is to help the individual become conscious of their unconscious negativity and shift their assumptions about themselves and their relationship to the Universe. Once they do this, they can once again command the Universe to bring them health, happiness and prosperity.

The Universe does whatever you tell it to do. If you believe that you are a victim of circumstance, the Universe will manifest problems that you cannot overcome. If you assume that you are master of your environment, the Universe will manifest solutions to your problems.

If you believe that disease is something that attacks your body, then you will always have to fight to be healthy. If you believe that you create all your own illness from your own self-directed negativity, you will be given ways to change your thinking so that your immune system will heal you and keep you healthy.

I know this sounds superficial. I know it sounds cavalier of me to be saying these things. But, I also know them to be true. When I work with cancer patients who listen to me, who can absorb these concepts and who are willing to fearlessly look at how their beliefs about themselves have created their illness, they (so far) always begin to heal, (even when doctors have told them they will die).

Disease is nothing more than self-directed negativity. The challenge is that usually this self-directed negativity has been deeply suppressed in the unconscious mind. Bringing the unconscious conflicts to the surface takes a lot of guts and commitment but it is possible.

If you or anyone you know needs this kind of help, get in touch with me. Click HERE

or copy and paste this link!lisa-special/r5csj

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