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The Upper Self

The Upper Self As you may have read in previous posts, according to Thunder Shamanism, Human beings are bade up of three separate entities which we generally refer to as The Lower Self, The Upper Self and the Middle Self. Today we will discuss the Upper Self.

Our connection to our Upper self is crucial if we want to evolve spiritually. The Upper Self actually sits above our head and interfaces with the third eye.

The Upper self has a very important connection to the Lower Self. It is the Upper Self that sends intuitions and information to the Lower Self which is then transmitted to the Middle Self.

The Upper Self has a vibratory connection to the realm of the Ascended Masters or the Bodhisattvas. When we engage in practices like ritual, meditation, qigong, etc,... We open our crown chakra at the top of our head to receive energy from the Upper Self and the realm of the ascended masters.

The direction of the NorthWest on the Thunder Wheel (Medicine Wheel) is the direction for the Ascended Masters. By facing this direction and meditating, we are asking for guidance from the Ascended Masters. When doing rituals or meditations in this direction I often get intuitions about how to improve my life.

The function of the Upper Self is to act like a guide or teacher. But, the Upper Self does not impose itself. The only time the Upper Self will step in unannounced is when we are in grave danger of altering our destiny (Dharma) in a destructive manner. The Upper self does not wish to impose itself or impede us from learning our own karmic lessons.

For the practicing shaman, integration of the three selves is crucial for being able to master personal transformation and manifestation into the external world. This is one of the goals of many of my instructional DVDs. Having intellectual knowledge is helpful but we also need to be able to practically put that knowledge into action. That is what ritual and energy work is designed to accomplish.

The Medicine Wheel Qigong practice I developed is an excellent way to integrate the three selves. For more information click HERE To Buy Medicine Wheel Qigong Instructional DVD, click HERE

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