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The Middle Self and the Soul

The Middle Self and the Soul... The Middle Self is located in the heart center. It is what we would call the Soul. The word "Soul" comes from the Old English word "Sawul" which meant both Soul and Sun. The Soul is the Sun of the individual.

It is my Middle Self that writes this to you now. We experience our life from our Middle Self. It is our personality. It is the part of us that survives death and either graduates from physical incarnation or comes back as another incarnated soul to continue its education here on Mother Earth.

The Lower Self and the Upper Self cooperate with the Middle Self to help it learn and grow during its incarnation in limited three dimensional life.

The Middle Self is here to experience two things; to balance out past life Karma and learn how to master manifestation on the physical level.

Whether we are destined to be rich famous and influential or whether we are destined to learn from our past incarnations, it is the middle self that identifies most strongly with physical incarnation.

Learning to listen to our Upper Selves and coordinate with our Lower Selves is crucial to our "success" in each lifetime.

Sometimes we need some help determining how to best integrate our middle self into our incarnation. While meditation and energy work respectively help the Upper Self and the Lower Self accomplish their jobs in each lifetime, Mantra and communing with higher forces helps the Middle Self align itself with its eternal divine identity.

For me, the practice of Vedic Astrology has been extremely helpful in guiding me toward not only my path in this life, but also how to make best use of the energies and patterns influencing my life.

In fact, when choosing a mantra to empower oneself, it is very important to consult with a qualified astrologer to see what sound vibrations best align with your specific planets and star constellations.

If you have had marginal success with mantras in the past, it may be because you needed more specific attunement to the sound vibrations aligned with your moment of birth. This can be accomplished with a detailed astrological reading.

To learn how a vedic astrological reading can benefit you and help activate latent karmic powers in your life, click HERE

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