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Manifestation and the Lower Self

Manifestation and the Lower Self...

The art of manifestation has become very popular in the past decade. Movies like "The Secret" reveal that our future is created by those things in which we emotionally invest ourselves.

Since then, manifestation groups have sprouted up all over the world where people come together to learn and practice the art of manifesting their perfect lives.

However, there is one thin missing from "The Secret." From the shamanic perspective, it is an ancient truth that we manifest what we imagine, but, we our lower self must be in alignment with the other two selves (Upper and Middle) in order for someone to be able to manifest their imaginations into the external world.

The Lower Self is the home of the subconscious and unconscious minds. If we, for example, have unresolved unconscious fear about love and romance, then until those conflicts have been brought into conscious awareness and resolved on the subconscious and unconscious levels, then any intentions to create love and romance will be confused at best.

This is why energy work, qigong, meditation, mantra repetition, ritual, yoga, tai chi, etc, are absolutely essential to being able manifest our desires. Because not only do these practices fill our Lower Selves (navel centers) with Life Force Energy, but they help align the subconscious and unconscious minds with the conscious self (middle self).

So, if what you want is to improve your manifestation abilities, then I strongly recommend looking into Energy Work, Qigong and Meditation.

I have shared the most powerful Energy Work I have ever experience in the "Celestial Qigong" DVDs. Give them a try and I'll bet you will see improvement in your manifestation abilities...

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