The Three Selves

The Three Selves... Did you know that you are made up of not just one eternal 'self' but three? That's right. Humans are made up of three separate selves that, ideally work together in unison. The main reason for chaos in a person's life is when the three selves are not working cooperatively.

So what are the three selves? They are called different names in different shamanic traditions, but for simplicity's sake, we will just call them the "upper, middle and lower selves."

The lower self contains the subconscious and unconscious minds which are housed in the navel center. The lower self is the repository of all psychic intuition. It is the lower self that travels outside the body when we sleep. It travels to other dimensions and locations and can learn a lot of information. A powerful shaman can send his/her lower self on journeys and errands.

The Upper self is the repository of what we call our our "higher self". It watches over us and only intervenes when we ask for advice or if we are in extreme danger of altering our destiny. Otherwise, the upper self does not impose itself onto our lives. It prefers to allow us to learn our lessons by ourselves unless we ask for it's advice.

The middle self is the Soul or the personality of the individual. It is my middle self that writes this to you now. But the middle self cannot accomplish anything in the external world by itself. It needs the combined power of the lower self and sometimes the advice of the upper self to accomplish anything in the "real" world. This is why some people complain about not being able to "make anything happen" in their lives. Because their middle self is not working in harmony with the lower self and the upper self.

Shamanic soul retrieval is really about reconnecting the three selves and helping them work together cooperatively.

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