Gaining Shamanic Power

At his/her essence, a shaman is someone who has access to and channels the conscious, loving, healing ENERGY of the Universe. There are a lot of ways to do this. For me, I enjoy the practices of Qigong (Chi-Kung) and Neigong. This word Qi (Life Force Energy) + Kung (Discipline) is the practice of absorbing and storing the ambient Life Force Energy of the Living Cosmos. NeiGong means (Internal Work) and is a way to release the power stored in the cells of our body for spiritual and physical transformation

I can definitely feel a huge difference in the power of my rituals, healings and meditations when I practice the art of absorbing and channeling Life Force Energy (Qigong).

years ago, I trained in a very esoteric and "forbidden" form of Taoist mysticism (indigenous shamanism of China) from the fabled Mao Shan Taoist Monastery called "Shen Tao" (Way of the Spirit). This "secret" form of Taoist mysticism was so powerful that rival Taoist sects called it "sorcery." When I met other Taoist monks from China and I told them I practiced Mao Shan Mysticism, they would get pale and sometimes just turn and walk away because they were afraid I would cast a spell on them or something.

Of course, this superstition they carried was just propaganda from other sects who were jealous of the reputation of Mao Shan shamans.

Some years back, I decided to share with the world this "secret," "forbidden" practice. It contains some of the most powerful and easy to practice exercises I had learned from Mao Shan Taoist Qigong and meditation. To this day, this is still the most powerful and healing practice I know of. I call it "Celestial Qigong" and I offer it to you... To get started learning this powerful practice, click below

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