Earth Mother Empowerment Meditation

The most fundamental aspect of shamanism is connecting to Mother Earth. In Thunder Shamanism, the student is first initiated into a very powerful shamanic breath meditation to connect, empower and channel the power of Mother Earth. In shamanic vision years ago, I was given a very specific breath, sound, posture and visualization using the sound "HUUUL". After practicing this meditation for a few months and feeling its incredible healing power, I did some investigating and discovered this is the root root of the name of the oldest Earth Mother goddess in Northern Europe more commonly known as Hulda or Holle. I had never heard of this goddess when I was given this meditation. Scholars believe that Mother Holle is perhaps the oldest known deity in Europe.

In my vision, I saw paleolithic people inside a cave during an Ice Age chanting this sacred sound. My impression was that this was THE source of all life. By chanting this sound, I am transported back to the first modern humans who came into the Northern Hemisphere. I have been practicing, researching, studying and teaching shamanic disciplines for over 20 years. This HUUL breath meditation and qigong practice is the foundation of all of my other teachings.

I share it with you here freely. Please feel free to do the same. If anyone would like to contact me concerning seminars or group chanting of the Sacred Earth Mother, please let me know...

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