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Premium Services


Shamanic Services  bundled together for maximum personal empowerment and transformation. Holistic restructuring of our Energy body and Life Force often requires a multi-faceted approach. These are the services most often requested by clients and students.

Shamanic Life Path Optimization

Shamanic Life Path Optimization includes:

Shamanic Initiation, Attunement to your Spirit Guides, Energy Body (aura) Empowerment, Ancestor Rectification, Vedic Astrological Chart consultation, Life Path Focusing, Personalized Ritual for Success, Personalized Mantra, Shamanic Counseling, Thunder Wheel Energization, Thunder Wheel Instruction,... More


This is the most popular Shamanic Transformative Service package I offer. 

In-Depth Shamanic Counseling

The process of Shamanic Transformation requires In-Depth Shamanic Counseling with a teacher and guide. I have undergone this transformation and I can help your transformation be a smooth and empowering experience. The process of Shamanic Initiation creates a powerful energetic shift on mutliple levels; Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Energetic, Karmic and Psychological.  It is essential that the Shamanic Initiate work closely with their Shamanic Guide. This is achieved in one-on-one counseling in a compassionate and safe environment... I offer a FREE 15 minute phone session to determine how I can best help you. Contact me and we'll set up a time to talk...

Thunder Wheel Orientation and Empowerment

The Thunder Wheel is a Shamanic compass that the Thunder Shaman uses to Balance, Empower and Harmonize, him/herself, their environment, their family, their community and ultimately the entire world. The Thunder Wheel is a doorway through which the Thunder Shaman can summon the Five Elements, The Eight Directions, The Nine Planets, The Nine Worlds of the Tree of Life, The Ancestors, The Ascended Masters, The Gods and Goddesses, Spirits of Land and Air, and much, much more. The Thunder Wheel is a powerful spiritual tool that requires expert guidance. Thunder Wheel empowerment includes education, empowerment and personalized instruction in this most sacred of tools... More

Shamanic Healing of Breast Cancer

Shamanic Healing 

Breast Cancer

Recently, I have felt a special calling to work with women who are experiencing a health challenge that modern medicine refers to as "Breast Cancer." 

The Shamanic understanding is that all disease starts as emotional and psychological disharmony that, over time results in physical manifestations which we call "disease." Cancer is one such health challenge. Recently, I felt a special calling from Mother Earth to understand the shamanic perspective and healing of this health challenge and to work with women to heal and empower them. What I discovered is that the spiritual causes of this disease are rooted in the disempowerment of women in our society. By helping women rediscover their inherent power and reclaiming their RIGHT to fulfill their desires for love, family and nurturing, this disease can be reversed. For more information, click HERE

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