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Thunder Shamanism Instructional DVD teaches introductory Thunder Wheel theory and practice. How to summon and channel the Five Elements, commune with the spirits and powers of the Nine Worlds. For more info or to buy DVD click HERE

Spell of The Nine Knots Instructional DVD teaches an expanded ritual of the traditional pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon spell for summoing the powers of the nine-worlds for manifesting desires. For more info or to buy DVD click HERE

The Indo-European Medicine Wheel


Sun-Wheel, Chakra, Medicine Wheel, Ba Gua, Sacred Hoop, etc,.. are just a few names that describe the Shamanic Direction Wheel used by indigenous shamanic traditions found all over the globe. In my research and practice in traditional paths of Power, I have found that the qualities ascribed to the eight directions are universally identical in multiple ethnic disciplines. At first glance, the Vedic Dig Chakra of India, The Taoist Ba Gua of China, The Norse World Tree of Scandinavia, The European Sun-Wheel, the various versions of the Native American Sacred Hoop may seem completely different, but when we peek beneath the cultural symbolism we can see that the energies and qualities of each direction are not just similar, but are actually identical in essence.


To me this universal similarity indicates at least one of two possibilities:


1) This knowledge of the Eight Directions was shared between multiple ethnic traditions all over the globe.


2) The knowledge of the eight-fold shamanic direction wheel is a Universal Spiritual Science that operates independently in the Cosmos. Consequently, shamans throughout time have observed and practiced this knowledge independently as a result of objective observation and experimentation.


I personally lean toward the second possibility as the most logical. Nevertheless, the conclusion is clear - this science of channeling, absorbing and using the power of the Thunder Wheel (as I call it) is a fundamental legacy of our animist ancestors that anyone of any cultural or ethnic background may use for their spiritual empowerment and more importantly for the cleansing, healing and evolution of all life in the Cosmos.


Within the Eight Spoked Thunder Wheel is a nine-fold gateway to the fundamental forces that make up the external manifestation of the cosmos. Training in the use of the Thunder Wheel will teach the student how to summon and channel the forces of;


The Five Elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Spirit and Air)

The Nine Dimensions of the World Tree

The Cyclical Nine-Fold Evolution of Life Force Energy and Consciousness

The Deities and Powers of the Nine Worlds


Initially, the initiate uses the Thunder Wheel to empower themselves, but eventually they gain the power and knowledge to use the Thunder Wheel in shamanic ritual to influence their personal circumstances, the external Universe and eventually help usher in a new age of evolved, enlightened consciousness.


For introductory instruction in the Thunder Wheel, you can purchase the instructional DVDs "Thunder Shamanism" or "Spell of the Nine Knots" located in the left side of this page.


For in-depth personal instruction in the theory and practice of Thunder Wheel Shamanic Ritual click HERE

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