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Here is a brief list of services that can be provided:

Earth Mother Empowerment, Grounding, Shamanic Counseling, Life Path Determination, Energy Healing and Balancing, Spiritual Cleansing, Blessings, Removal of Negativity, Soul Retrieval, North Star Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Ancestral Rectification, Creating a Thunder Wheel for your home, Instruction in Thunder Magic, Divination, Dream interpretation, Facilitating Shamanic Journeys, Personalized Rituals, Finding Your "Song", Determining your Direction, Spiritual Naming, Shamanic Drumming, Inviting Your Personal Guides, Deities and Helpers into your home....


Personalized Mantras for: 1) Soul Empowerment, 2) Life Path, 3) Finances and Resources


Shamanic Services

The Shaman acts as both healer, mentor, therapist and a source of spiritual empowerment. In ancient times, the shaman was able to channel spiritual power to the soul and body while also being able to give practical advice and counseling.


Currently My most popular service is Vedic Astrological Counseling. Through the Ancient Science Of Astrology, we can determine practical ways to increase Money, Destiny and Spiritual Fulfillment. 

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