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How To Keep A Man

He wants to stay with YOU. Commitment for men is a little more difficult at first. That’s because when we men do actually commit to a woman, it is very hard for us to leave. Despite what you may have heard or what you may think, we men are hard-wired to stay with you once we have made a commitment. So, it is actually easier to keep a man in a relationship than it is to lose him. Often times, break-ups happen because of simple, easily avoidable miscommunication between men and women. Once you know how to best understand and interact with your man, you can avoid a breakup and help him do what he is built to do - to commit to you and stay!

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Happiness (Powerful, yet simple techniques to achieve Joy and Happiness in Life)

Wealth Shaman (Shamanic techniques for Manifesting Abundance)

Thunder Shamanism (The Universal Medicine Wheel)


Instructional DVDs:

Qigong DVDs

Celestial Qigong Level 1 (Energy Work for Health and Enlightenment)

Celestial Qigong Level 2 


Medicine Wheel Qigong Level 1 (Powerful Shamanic Postures For Health and Enlightenment)

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Thunder Qigong (Summon the cleansing Power of Thunder)


Thunder Shamanism (Powerful Shamanic Exercises using the Medicine Wheel)


Mantra Yoga and Meditation Instructional DVDs:


Ganesha Mantras (Mantras to Break Through Barriers)


Aquarian Mantras (Mantras for a New Age)


Chakras Part 1 (Yogic Meditations to Align the Chakras)

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Finding Your Life Purpose (Discover Your True Life Path)


The Gayatri Mantra (Divine Spiritual Light/ The oldest and most popular Mantra in history)


Secret Power of Spiritual Sight (Seed Mantra for Inner Knowledge)


Secret Word of Attraction (Seed Mantra For Attraction and Manifestation)


Secret Word of Prosperity (Seed Mantra for Prosperity)


Meditation CDs

Healing Drums of Power (African Ceremonial Drums)


Healing Mantras (Mantras Chanted to African Drums)


Ancient Earth Mantra (Shamanic Chant to Native American Flute Music)


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