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Congratulations! My Name is Michael William Denney and you have reached the official Thunder Wizard website for all of my courses of study and certifications. Click on any of the links below to take you to all of the ThunderWizarddotcom webpages and don't forget all of my books, Videos and DVDs!  

 NEW Audio Books
Multiple Titles By ThunderWizard


Escape Reincarnation Package (New)

Becoming An Immortal (50% OFF SPECIAL)

241 Certification Special HALF OFF Astrology and Rune Certification

Love Astrology Readings (NEW)

Transformation Package (Astrology+Rune Reading+North Star Year Prediction 75% OFF)

The Thunder Wizard YouTube Channel

*NEW* Distance Energy Cleansing, Healing, Empowerment

Thunder Wizard Advanced Shamanism Training and Apprenticeship

Thunder Wizard Vedic Astrology Readings (All of my books) (All of my DVDs)

Guided Shamanic Journeys (+ FREE Video Book)

The Four Tools To EXIT THE MATRIX (NEW!) Save $100
Manifestation Mastery Course

The Five Rules To Master The Matrix (Video Course)

Thunder Vedic Astrology Certification Course

Nine World Runic Studies and Certification Course

Career Consultation Certification Course (NEW!)

Celestial Qigong Level 1 Streaming Video Course
Thunder Wizard Services

Thunder Wizard Rune Readings

Astrology, Rune and North Star Readings

Career Consultations and Private Counseling

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Healing Device (NEW)

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