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If you are like me, you have probably struggled to find a rewarding and financially supportive career. I know what that feels like. A few years ago, in meditation, I discovered a foolproof procedure to discover the divine purpose for my life that also showed me how to make a very good living. It is so simple, I almost missed it.

After testing out this simple shamanic technique on many different people, I have seen this same simple, step by step procedure work to help anyone find their most happy and lucrative career. If you are ready to stop working pointless, low paying jobs and are ready to create your own prosperity doing something you already love doing, I invite you to watch the video series "Find Your Perfect Career"

This video series is designed to both teach you how to find your perfect career and also learn how to become a career life coach using the same step by step process I use when helping clients create their perfect career.

You can get started with the video series right now. I have posted the first two videos here on this page for free. If these videos help you and you would like to watch the whole series, please click on the buy now button and you can watch the entire series. 

Good luck! I look forward to hearing about your success,


Find Your Perfect Career Video Series

Get Started Now! Watch the first two videos FREE!

Find Your Perfect Career Video Series


Career Consultations


This is for a 1 hour private session with Michael Denney by phone (if in the USA) or Skype (if outside the USA) to help you determine what your destiny is in terms of your career.

Every single one of us carries within our soul, a pre-determined life path and career path that will bring us prosperity, happiness and fulfillment.


Sadly, though, many of us have allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing that having a successful career means that we have to work stressful, pointless jobs. But, we CAN do exactly what we want and make good money doing it. My motto is, "Make money doing what you would do anyway. That way, you don't have to work at all!"

For some of us, we may not know what it is that we truly want to do for a career. And that is where a personal consultation with me is helpful. I have helped a lot of people just like you find out what your deepest desire is and how you can turn that desire into a fantastic career path. Often times, I am able to help people break through their unconscious blocks in one session.

So, what have you got to lose? Give me a call. Together, we CAN find out what your career destiny is...

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