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Nine World Rune Reading Dylan




According to Ancient Mythological Lore, The Cosmos consists of Nine different dimensions or worlds. The World Tree or Tree of Life is found all over the world. The human being is a holograph of the cosmos which means we have nine dimensions within us.

The Nine Worlds are: 

North: Niflheim (Realm of the primordial Waters of Life), NorthEast: Asgard (The Fortress of the Celestial Deities), East: Jotunheim (The Realm Of the Giants), SouthEast: SvartAlfheim (The Realm of the Dwarves), South: Muspelheim (The Realm of Fire ), SouthWest: Helheim (The Realm of the Underworld), West: Vanaheim (The Realm of the Nature Gods), North West: LjossAlfheim (The Realm of the Elves) and in the center is Midgard (The Fortress of Middle Earth)

A very powerful Rune reading is to cast the Runes in a Nine-World spread. Doing so, we can see what is happening with each of the nine realms of human existence. Each Rune placed in each of the Nine worlds corresponds to both the energies that are effecting the individual externally from the beings in each of the Nine Worlds of the World Tree. But, it also corresponds to the Nine Dimensions of the Human being


Those dimensions are: Center: (The Physical Body), North: (Potential Energy), NorthEast (Inspiration), East (Identity), SouthEast: (Subconscious Manifestation), South: (Actions to Take), SouthWest: (Unconscious Psychological Influences), West: (Personal Relationships), NorthWest: (Higher Self Advice)

By Looking at the different Runes in each of the Nine Worlds, we can get a snapshot of the precise causes of difficulty in a person's life as well as the energies that are giving good results. From this highly specialized Rune Reading, we can prescribe precise actions to take which will bring health, happiness, prosperity and success.

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