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$2000.00 SAVINGS!

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The ThunderWizard CoronaVirus Lockdown Package includes:

(Normal Pricing Listed Below)

1) Find Your Perfect Career $98

2) Celestial Qigong $129

3) Vedic Astrology Certification $499 

4) Rune Reading Certification $499

5) Four Tools To Exit The Matrix $129 ($329)

6) Journeys ($149)

7) Five Rules to Master the Matrix $98 ($499)

9) Becoming an Immortal  Phase One $149

(Note: My Calendar is full at the moment, so I am taking off the personal sessions included in the package and have reduced the price by $100 to reflect this. For the immediate future, the package contains all the video courses and certifications above, but without the personal sessions until my calendar frees up again)


(10) Career Consultation $398

11) Arudha Lagna Consultation $398

12) Rune Reading $398

13) North Star Astrology $108

14) Astrology Health Reading $108)