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Thunder Astrology

Certification Courses In Vedic Astrology

As Practiced by Michael William Denney

Level 1
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Level 2
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Levels 1 and 2 Package
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The "Thunder Astrology" approach is a result of years of study and practical application of these principles, and while other astrologers may know of them, I like to think that I have a deep, practical understanding of these specialized principles in ways that others may have overlooked in the vast ocean of Vedic Astrological Sciences.

After watching these Level 1 videos, feel free to practice this system on yourself, friends and loved ones. Feel free to use this system to create your own professional Vedic Astrology business. But, for the level 1 students, while you are free to use this system for your own business purposes, you are NOT authorized to advertise or promote yourself as a "Thunder Astrologer" nor are your authorized to use my name or the Thunder Wizard name in your promotions.

If you are interested in becoming a fully authorized Thunder Wizard Vedic Astrologer, you are invited to take the level 2 courses. In level 2, we will dive even deeper into my system of Vedic Astrology. Level 2 students will be given an opportunity to be tested to see if they are a good fit in my private astrology practice. But, I must be clear and let you know that taking the level 2 course is NOT a guarantee that you will make any money as my certified astrologer apprentice.

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