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Thunder Astrology Reading W/ Vincent

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The Thunder Vedic Astrology reading is tailored to provide you with the most useful information within your birth chart that you can use to enhance your life in a variety of ways.


When you purchase a Thunder Vedic Astrology Reading you'll find out about your:

Ascendant/Rising Sign

Moon sign

Sun Sign

Atmakaraka: the planet that guides you through your life lesson

Ishta Devata: the planet that guides your spiritual liberation

Dharma Devata: the planet that guides your path and actions

Palanna Devata: the planet that gives you physical resources

Good Luck Pendant

Spiritual Name: the name that resonates with your meditative mind

Arudha Lagna: how others naturally see you

Personalized Mantra and ritual: to connect with the planets/deities that want to help you


I will also be available to answer any questions you may have about your Vedic birth chart or any aspect of your vedic astrology reading.


*In order to give you the most accurate reading, the following information is required: date of birth, exact time of birth, and place of birth.*

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