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Riho Rasta

Certified Thunder Astrologer

Certified ThunderWizard Rune Reader

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Astrology Reading With Riho


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Nine World Rune Reading

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My name is Riho Rästa and I live in Estonia. My spiritual awakening began with the books of Carlos Castaneda which pulled me deep into shamanism. The author was put into an ultimatum that if he moves forward there is no turning back. I have had an intuitive connection from early age to my identity, to the power of words and the finity of energies that surround us. Because a friend told me he believes the book I did a wow to step into the path to freedom and I accepted all the challenges whatever may come with it. Later I found out that my friend was actually unsure but the choice was made. I tricked myself into the path of the warrior.

After then my life has been a conscious pursuit for self development. I have been researching, studying and applying metaphysics. My direction has been towards the most universal laws. On the other hand I work in a laboratory, investigating quantum physics that has yet to be seen to the world. Now my two main spiritual teachers are Bashar channelled by Darryl Anka and Mahadeva the Thunderwizard. I have become more of a multidimensional experiencer and I have achieved a confident understanding about how physical reality works. Mahadevas qigong practices have guided me on how to always keep my personal energy at very high levels. I am in a good contact with my spirit guides and my journey is to open up clear understandings and communications in the lower spirit realms.

Runes and astrology are ways to interpret the energies that move around and inside us in our daily experience. We have detached ourselves from the spirit to experience all that is from this focused point of view we call physical reality. We have imposed on ourselves the laws that hold this reality together. But we now start understanding that Matter is actually also energy and when we rise our personal vibration we begin to see that there is actually no actual physical reality but there is only energy. Every NOW moment is a snapshot of all the energies passing through and making up this moment.

When connecting to these states of beings, we become channels of higher energies on this physical plane. Runes have the power to be directly connected to higher realms regardless the personal powers of the channeler. When we do Rune Divination we enter to the channeling state and we ask the runes to bring us the information that we are seeking.  A nine world rune reading will give you a clear picture about where your energies are heading, what is your role in it, which way are you directing your energies and they also bring direct guidance. You can then choose to act consciously after understanding the direction towards which your life is going at this point. The channel will use his connection to the higher realms to bring forth a Thunder path interpretation of the runes.

Vedic astrology is a more complex description, which gives a map of your life. It turns out that the way the planets positioned at the exact time you were born creates very specific patterns in your life. So, similarly to the 9-world divination, Vedic astrology has 12 houses that compartmentalizes your life and in this system a lot can be said about how your life will unfold. In Thunder Astrology we focus on a very practical angle of Vedic astrology. Of course there are some planets that always give a huge influence to every person and all planets play their part, but when going further, we do certain calculations that bring out a few planets that have an overarching influence and shape the way you experience your life, differently from others. We then provide a Mantra with a ritual to empower one of these planets.


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I now also offer construction of Tensor rings. I currently ship only in Estonia or inside EU. In the US, you have many many people constructing tensor rings, feel free to contact your local retailers. I am now bringing this phenomenal technology to this side of the globe as well. Click HERE for more info

Shamanic Fire Rituals

Riho also conducts regular Shamanic Fire Rituals. For more information on these rituals click HERE

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